I heard that if you are engaged or something, then you can bring your fiance to your medical school, once she or he got into another medical school after the first year! or something to that effect becaues they don't want to keep married couples seperate?

Now, my little brother (well guess not little no more :D) is applying to medical school, and I was wondering, I am going to go to a UC this year, will that increase his chance to get into the school I am going since his older brother is going there? :D ;) :cool:

if so that will be kewl....I will make sure he pays the bigger portion of the rent :D :) :cool: hehe :p

but does anyone really now if such a thing is possible?

I heard that for private schools this was a possibility, but is it possible for public medical schools?


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y dont u ask the admissions office at the school u're goin to? they should provide u with the most accurate answer. besides, it's legitimate for u to ask them the chances of u goin to the same school as your brother. let us know what they say.
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Originally posted by AlternateSome1
Wow, going to live with your younger brother? What if one of you brings home a date?


well then somebody has to learn to share :D

actually my brother and I are complete opposites....hehe :p


Originally posted by calbears84
if i were you...i'd make your little brother pay for the whole rent

hehe, that was what I was thinking, and he got soooooo offended when I brought that up...

he was like, "there is no way in hell, I am going to go to the same medical school as you...I don't want you to boss me around for the next four years....I'd rather go to the carribean!"

WELL!!! I will go ahead and ask just to be on the safe side ;)

some people don't know how to say thank you at all :D

I will go ahead and try to help him out behind the scenes, and make him think he achieved it himself....:p :cool:

oh little siblings!!!....if they would only learn from the great wisedom their older siblings would impart on them :) oh well.....


Originally posted by Bikini Princess
wow watcha! is your bro on SDN too - does he have a screen name? :)

hehe yah that little monkey has recently started posting here :cool:

of course, he is the exact opposite of me, not as kewl, or not as lame (depending on how you look at me)...

yah, I know his screen name, but he doesn't know my screen name...:rolleyes: :D

so I don't want to reveal too much info, because then he will find out who I am.....hehe


I'm going to ask my school on whether or not it matters anyway, regardless of him liking or not...so SHHHHhhhhh keep it a secret...we don't want him to know...

who knows...maybe I can dupe him in paying the whole rent for next year :D
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