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Simple poll for people with an A, but waiting a bit

How long would you wait to give up on your WLs & start planning to matriculate to an A school ?

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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Feb 25, 2018
  1. Medical Student
Let's say you have at least 1 acceptance and 1 or more WLs.

How long would you wait to give up on those WLs and start the real planning to matriculate?

By this I do not mean the PTE tool. I mean finding a roommate, looking for rentals/signing a lease, purchasing necessary items required by the school, moving to a new city, CTE, putting down money - all that jazz.

As with my last poll I know people will say several variables can influence the date all at once, but "several" can make for a messy poll. I'm looking for your #1 deadline overall. Feel free to explain your rationale in the comments. Thanks!
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Full Member
Feb 28, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
I think this may be another thing affected by COVID this year; since there's a good chance fall classes will be online, I'm willing to wait longer for my wait list schools because I might not even need to find an on-campus apartment til spring semester.
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