Dec 15, 2009
Hi Everybody. I don't know how to check my Step I score once it is available. Can anyone tell me, will I get an email? Is there a site I have to check? Is everything through snail mail? I've looked around the 'net, but the FAQs always stop at "WHEN will I find out my score" and never seem to say HOW to find your score. Any help would be appreciated. I'm expecting to find out tomorrow, wish me luck.


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Aug 12, 2009
MD/PhD Student
You will get an email the morning the scores will be released. This happens around 10:30AM. It contains a link to the same place where you registered to become eligible to schedule the test with Prometric. It has detailed instructions there, but basically just click on exam status after logging in with your NBME ID and password, and on the far right of the table there will be a link you can click that has a pdf copy of your score report. Scores tend to be posted at 11AM (Eastern)
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