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Aug 30, 2006
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I know that many here are wary of putting their opinions and rankings of programs, even though it is semi-anonymous. makes commenting and ranking programs completely anonymous, as these comments are not tied to a username. You can rank programs, write what you think of them, and more importantly, see how others rank the programs, and see their comments as well. The last time I checked there were less than 10 ranks per program, so it's not heavily used, but if more people on SDN used it, it could be a valuable resource.

example of data:

Program Statistics

Subspecialty: Surgery-General
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Program: University of ************* Program

Percentage of interviewees who:

* Average rank: 6.00 (118 of 258 programs)
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* Number of interviewees: 8
* Percentage of interviewees who ranked this program #1: 0.0%
* Percentage of interviewees who did NOT rank this program: 0.0%

Subspecialty: Surgery-General
Program Name: University of *********** Program
Total Thoughts Shared: 2

trauma service in transition

5 years, no research required, good for pedi fellowships, lots of trauma and sicu beds, works with tons of hospitals in the area