Siu Medprep

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Mar 22, 2007
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I am looking for information on SIU MEDPREP and people who have attended the program. I have spoken with Vera from SIU and she is reviewing my transcripts. I am from out of state, 31yo white male, GPA 2.3. Does that look like someone with a realistic chance of acceptance? Feel free to PM me or whatever. I am just looking for someone with information.

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I am looking for the same information. Is their anybody out their who did the program that can help? :oops:
they canter to economically disadvantaged and educationally disadvantaged students.
Hey y'all,
If you do a search on the forum for SIU Medprep, you'll find a couple of members who were participants in the program. Your best bet is to contact them directly.

You need to make sure you fit one of the eligibility criteria before you apply. If not, you'll just be wasting your time.