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Jul 23, 2022
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Hi all, help me narrow down my choices. A little about me, I am from the West Coast hoping to match back into California in the future. I am not solidified into pursuing a specific specialty however I want the ability to match into competitive specialties if I become interested in it during school.

  • Strong match list, renowned home residency programs in Ortho, Opth, Strong in GI too
  • well established school with home hospital
  • Lectures are pre-recorded although M1 has 7-10 ish hours of mandatory class per week (case based practices, quiz, team based learning)
  • Final exams occur every 7 weeks and students get a week off from school to study for the final exams
  • P/F with the caveat that students are ranked into thirds (grades play a factor in this along with other things I believe, so not true pass/fail...)
  • strong volunteering opportunities to boost resume
  • research available for those who look
  • Area of the school seems nice, central philly
  • student body seems social, heard students have lots of free time
  • won't need car for M1
  • No support system nearby
  • Worried that I won't be able to stand out in such a large student body (280 students)
  • Internal ranking system (does this matter for residencies? would love input from any students at SKMC)
  • I don't want to settle down in Philly (assuming I may have to stay here for residency)
  • In house exams
  • mandatory class 7-10 hours weekly
  • car for clerkships, very expensive parking in the city

  • Strong match list, lots of home residency programs and fellowships
  • Great home hospital Tampa General
  • Very new campus, have heard that studying on campus is very nice
  • Weather is very warm so would make me less prone to seasonal depression
  • have a friend that attends, so this would be an existing support system
  • seems to be ample research opportunities
  • no state income tax and fifth highest number of full time job opportunities (if my SO was to come live with me and find work in Tampa)
  • overall Tampa seems like somewhere I could see myself living in the future for residency if I had to stay for a competitive home residency
  • Exams occur fairly often (every 2-3 weeks) followed by a finals week at the end of each course
  • in house exams and NBME exams
  • Preclinical grading is tiered (Honors, Pass w commendations, Pass, Fail) (not sure how much this matters for residency apps and I hear it's not included in app to residency?) Current students believe its not a big deal and many students seem to match into competitive specialties. Again if any students have insight I would appreciate it.
  • Average of 1-2 mandatory lectures per day, 10-12 hours of class per week
  • would need a car

I would say my biggest concerns between the two schools would be the grading. How different is a P/F system with internal rankings compared to USF's tiered pre clinical grading?

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