SLR vs. NYU vs. BU vs. Tufts-NEMC

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Mar 30, 2003
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Anyone have anything helpful to say on ranking these against each other in terms of program quality? I have to do this and I really have no clue. Right now I've got it as: BU/NEMC/NYU/SLR.
Perhaps NYU should go first.

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I'm biased toward NYC, so for roughly equivalent programs, location takes priority. I liked both BU and NEMC, but really have no idea how to distinguish them in terms of academics, didactics, clinical experience, and grad opportunities.

One thing about SLR that impressed me was the morning confrence we attended on the interview. I was impressed with how many attendings/residents were there, and the level of participation. It seems their grads go on to good fellowships too. NYU seems to be truly up and coming.
I can give you a general, local flavor for BU:

I rotated with a BU resident at a local community hospital (well
regarded for cardiac, urology, transplant, SICU) -- she went there to get a month of transplant experience. She said she worked pretty hard, the attendings were so, so wrt to teaching, little didactics at the home base.

However, a caveat, because the BU program is changing --
attendings from from another local community hospital (who are mostly harvard trained, hospital well regarded for Ortho) have begun to become involved with the residency. Whether residents will rotate out to this hospital is not clear and how much role these attendings will play is not clear. It is hard to say where BU is headed, but considering where it's been, the change will undoubtedly be positive.