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What the hell do they want here? I mean isn't this what our personal statement is about?

If you have not already written this on the AMCAS application, please describe briefly the reasons why you want to enter medical school. You may also make any other statement you wish to the Admissions Committee. Please do not send videotapes, cassettes, or other bulky materials.

What does everyone make of this question


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Apr 26, 2002
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The question isn't all that complex really. Most people try to touch a lot of bases in the personal statement and due to length constraints most people are forced cut out a lot of what they want to say. Personally, my reasons for wanting to become a physician where implied throughout my personal statement but b/c of length constraints I was forced to cut a lot out. SLU offers you the opportunity to add in the things you cut out or perhaps to clarify things you could not expand on in your PS.

Also, a lot of people don't really talk about why they want to enter medical school but rather will talk about their qualifications and experiences in their PS. Many do not tie those things in with why they want to go to medical school. Again, SLUs secondary allows one to address this question specifically.
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