SLU Waitlist

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Jul 23, 2002
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I just wanted to ask what is wrong with SLU? I interviewed April 29 and called yesterday to see if a decision had been made yet. The person who answered the phone said no decision was made and I should hear within 3 weeks. Then yesterday, I actually got a letter from them saying I'm waitlisted (my mom didnt check the mail until today though...grrr). Thanks SLU!

Sorry to vent,

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Also did u guys get a form to fill out and send back to them with your waitlist letter? I got an envelope and a 2 page letter but nothing to send back in the envelope.
wow...i'm headed to slu next year but they seem like a silly school! the admin. at least. do you have other options? why slu?
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I initially got a letter saying I was waitlisted. I then got another letter like a month later saying I was still waitlisted (thanks for the update SLU!). The second one had a piece of paper asking for updated phone numbers and and envelope to send back. Shreebee, maybe youll get the second one soon, who knows.............

Anything new?