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Jun 25, 2023
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Hello! I'm about to graduate my undergrad with the following stats:

- cGPA: 3.6
- sGPA: 2.8
- clinical hours: 200 hours
- volunteering: 300 hours
- psych major interested in psych
- mcat: 504, retaking it in march

Obviously, these are not good enough to apply for med school (MD or DO) for this cycle, so I applied to the following SMP programs at: Georgetown, Case Western, UCincinnati, UPittsburgh, Tufts, and Boston. So far I got waitlisted at Tufts, and accepted at Georgetown SMP (deadline for offer April 15th) and Case Western (deadline January 19th). I'm still waiting on the others. My plan is to retake my MCAT in March and hopefully do better this time, and bring up my science GPA during my SMP years. I had the followinng questions, and would appreciate any insight!

- what to do in smp to ensure success? (is simply bringing up grades enough, what to do to distinguish myself, how to approach the programs)
- I would love any first hand experiences at the schools I applied to! Because the deadline is so soon, I'm thinking of risking declining Case Western to see what other schools I might get into.
- back up plan is PA, what are my chances of PA school? If I decide to do this route, do I continue with SMP or spend a year working?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi! Any update on where you ended up choosing? I am in a similar position as you.