1. T

    Dropped out of SMP, now what?

    Hey all, I completed my undergrad in Biology with a 3.3 gpa and made the dreadful mistake of attending an SMP program. I was not doing too well in the program because of all sorts of personal issues and because of family health issues, so I decided to withdraw from it in the last semester. I...
  2. neurotickombucha87

    Mercer Master in Preclinical Sciences- 2024 (MSPCS)

    Hi all, I am a recent graduate of the Mercer MS in pre-clinical sciences. I remember when I was applying that there wasn't really much info about the program online other than what was on their website, so I decided to make this thread. Please post any questions you have, and I'll do my best to...
  3. R

    SMP with guarantee agreement at DO school, then apply to MD school? Good or bad?

    There are some SMPs at DO schools like PCOM with guaranteed admission agreements, given GPA, MCAT, and interview performance. What if I do one of these SMPs, for safety, and still apply to MD schools with that degree? Would MD schools look at it positively or negatively? Would they auto reject...
  4. emilyyy.torres03

    Better to wait or apply late to SMP?

    Hello! I am currently a junior in my undergrad and I anticipate applying to an SMP to improve my record before applying to med school. I have been looking at the registration dates for the SMP programs that I want to apply to and I see a lot of the applications for Fall 2025 open in...
  5. AcedOchem

    I F’d up and I F’d up bad.

    Good afternoon all, Before I begin this post I’d like to ask that if you do not have anything positive, or at the very least constructive to say, please do not bother. I’ve belittled, harassed and patronized myself enough as it is. With that being said, hello! I am a 1st year SMP student who...
  6. M

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MBS) 2024 Thread

    Hi All! I didn't see a thread for this year so I figured I'd make one! Any other applicants for Fall matriculation? And any former students who care to share their experience?
  7. B

    SMP or DIY postbac?

    Hello! I am a recent undergraduate (spring 23) with a cgpa of 3.3 and a sgpa of 3.0 and an MCAT of 505. I took a break to reconsider mediciine and reflect/take time off after a long year. I’m considering my options and I’m not sure whether I should take an SMP with a linkage or a DIY postbac? My...
  8. V

    SMP Help: Georgetown SMP vs Case Western

    Hello! I'm about to graduate my undergrad with the following stats: - cGPA: 3.6 - sGPA: 2.8 - clinical hours: 200 hours - volunteering: 300 hours - psych major interested in psych - mcat: 504, retaking it in march Obviously, these are not good enough to apply for med school (MD or DO) for this...
  9. Lemon Mango

    Senior year taking too much on?

    Hello Everyone, I am a non-trad student starting my last year of college next semester planning on applying to medical school after graduating. I am trying to demonstrate a strong and rigorous upward trend and have been taking "difficult" undergraduate classes for the past year. I am slated to...
  10. B

    UNTHSC M.S. in Medical Sciences (Texas) 2023-2024 *In-Person*

    With applications opening November 15th for the UNTHSC Medical Sciences in-person program I figured I should start a thread.
  11. A

    VCOM/Bluefield OMABS Winter 2024

    Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance email today for the SMP Bluefield/VCOM D.O. OMABS (Online Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences). I've seen a few other discussions for the On-Campus MABS program and just thought I'd create this in case others are looking for some more updated info on...
  12. S

    SMP or something else after grad?- Anxious International Pre-med Senior

    Hi there! I'm a current senior very interested in med school, but definitely need to prepare before I even apply. For context: I am a male, Asian international Bio major at a T20 with a current cGPA 3.63 and sGPA: 3.4 and will likely remain so (kind of a weird trend neither up or down, kind of...
  13. newjeans

    Do I have to complete SMP if accepted to medical school this cycle?

    I am a current reapplicant this cycle applying to both MD and DO schools. I am also currently enrolled to start a 16 month SMP program this semester. If I am accepted to a medical school this cycle, is it fine if I leave the SMP program early or will medical schools expect me to finish prior to...
  14. Seldentaleli

    Should I do a masters or just focus on taking more post bacc classes?

    Hi everyone! I have a very general question. If I got my cGPA up from a 2.47 to a 3.0+ just from post-bacc classes (aka I graduated with a 2.47 and have been taking classes since), do I have a chance of getting into med school without doing a masters, given that my MCAT and ECs are sufficient...
  15. B

    3.7 sGPA, 3.8 cGPA but Poor SMP 2.8 GPA

    I'm applying to 29 MD schools this cycle. I have all the hours and unique experiences. I have a 3.8 uGPA and 3.7 sGPA but I joined a SMP program and had a family member die my first semester causing me to have two Cs. I've never gotten a C before in all my academic education. The next semester...
  16. jupemu

    School List Help: URM, 3.3 GPA, 509 MCAT, SMP

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS Undergrad cGPA: 3.16 AMCAS and 3.16 AACOMAS sGPA: 2.98 AMCAS and 3.04 AACOMAS Postbacc 4.00 Graduate SMP in Biomedical Sciences cGPA: 3.82 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.81 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS cGPA: 3.31 AMCAS and 3.31 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.21...
  17. V

    Had to Withdraw from SMP after first term, go back?

    Hi All, I was a SMP student at EVMS Medical Master's 1 year program a year ago. I didn't start well but then in the middle of my first semester my best friend got run over and killed in a car crash, then in the beginning of my second semester my grandfather died, and another friend committed...
  18. J

    Advice on Evaluating Need for Post-Bacc vs. SMP

    My main question is as the title suggests. This has been asked countless times before, but none of the threads really apply to my situation. I graduated from a T10 university last year with a non-science bachelor’s (social science). When I entered undergrad I didn’t have a clear idea of which...
  19. papascherbatsky

    Non-trad/Vet: Do I need an SMP?

    Hello! I am a non-trad/veteran/career changer looking for some guidance on whether I should pursue an SMP to become more competitive for CAA school. My cGPA is 3.37, and my sGPA is 3.55 (I graduated in 2020 with 58 credits from a CC and the remaining at a private university). After I left...
  20. H

    Advice Needed On Choosing Best Path To Reinvention

    Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I need some help on how to reinvent myself and be a better applicant for medical school. For some context, I am in my mid 20's and I graduated in 2020 with a GPA of 3.23 and sGPA a bit lower than that. My ec's aren't great but I...
  21. T

    Submit AMCAS early or wait for final grade From SMP

    My AMCAS application will be complete with everything except my final grade in my special masters program by the second week of June. The class doesn’t end until July 27th, but this grade could be the difference between my gpa being a 3.57 vs 3.6. Should I submit it early or wait for the grade...
  22. P

    WAMC 2023 cycle - Post Bacc while dental assisting vs SMP?

    Date of submission: Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 3.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.85 DAT score (include AA and all sections): Planning on taking the DAT in July. State of Residence: Georgia Undergrad Attended: Major: Biology Minor: Minority? No Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No Shadowing Experience...
  23. V

    WAMC? Low sGPA, high SMP and post-bacc

    Hi! I am preparing for the upcoming cycle and would greatly appreciate some guidance! Thank you in advance. 1. cGPA: 3.1 and sGPA: 2.5 -- SMP: 3.8, postbacc: 4.0 *doing both at the same time so my postbacc so far is only 12 credits 2. MCAT score(s) and breakdown: haven't taken yet, testing in...
  24. M

    Need advice…am I doing this right?

    Hello all! It’s safe to say that I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now, and looking for some solid guidance. I’m 28yrs old, and graduated with my bachelors about five years ago. Bombed my first year of undergrad, and when I say bomb, I mean flat out failed most courses that first year. Took a...
  25. P

    SMP vs 2 year Masters program?

    Hello, I didn’t apply this cycle because I wasn’t feeling confident so I spent the past year working at a dental office. I’m planning on applying this year but I also want to take classes to boost my application. I already have too many credits for a post-bacc to raise my gpa so I plan on taking...
  26. Joanna Shephard

    Agnes Scott Summer 2023

    Hey guys! I just wanted to start a thread for people accepted and applying to any of the Agnes Scott SMP/Post-bac programs. I just committed to the Med-Flex program. I am also low-key looking for a roommate around the Decatur area for the program so if you are in the same boat or know someone...
  27. G

    When should I consider an SMP?

    I am currently in my senior year right now, and my lack of success in the application is worrisome. Under what circumstances should I consider an SMP? I like the idea of having a guaranteed interview after completion of the SMP but there is the possibility I perform just average in the program...
  28. T

    SMP after DIY postbac?

    - Graduated from undergrad summer 2021 with a psyc degree, cGPA was 2.84 with upward trend and sGPA between 2-2.3 depending on how you grade it. (first 2 years were a train wreck) - Spent the following year using my EMT license to work as a vaccinator and then was promoted to site lead in a...
  29. SavvySalmon

    University of Cincinnati SMP 2023–24

    Hey! I am a current UC first year medical student and alumni of the Cincinnati SMP. I didn't see a thread started for the next cycle so I thought I'd start one. Let us know if you have any questions about the program!
  30. evagria

    Nursing student to MD/DO. Not sure what to do.

    Hi all! Glad I found this website/forum because I was having no luck getting any constructive feedback anywhere else so I’m hoping the feedback is better here. I am a 29 year old senior nursing student in an ADN program. I’ve always wanted to do medicine, even in high school but a string of...
  31. J

    Is NYMC Traditional right for me?

    Hi everyone, I am a non-traditional applicant. I took the prerequisites some time ago and did well, but I need to show current coursework. I am trying to figure out if this program works for me. I am strong in the biological sciences, but it has been some years since I took rigorous...
  32. I

    NYMC AMP 2022-2023

    Hey everyone! I will be attending NYMC's AMP program, but I didn't see any thread or FB page/group for the program. Anyone else in the same boat?
  33. R

    Georgetown SMP vs Loyola MAMS

    I got accepted to both school, and need to decide between two. If anyone has any opinion, please let me know. Btw my cGPA: 3.1, MCAT: 500. Need more volunteer hours and shadowing hours. Both programs seem to have a good reputation and have similar advising resources and externship...
  34. B

    Postbacc GPA vs Curriculum

    Hi everyone! I majored in biomedical engineering and got a 3.1 uGPA. I am going to do a SMP to make up for the low gpa. All else equal, do you think medical schools prefer a high gpa (3.9) at a very good grad school, or realistically a lower/average gpa (3.6) at a large program that uses a med...
  35. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  36. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  37. B

    Tufts vs Vanderbilt MBS SMP

    Hi everyone! I was accepted into several special masters programs (SMPs) and have narrowed them down to Tufts and Vanderbilt masters in biomedical sciences. The Tufts program has a large class size (130) and a well-structured curriculum, whereas the Vanderbilt program is relatively new and has...
  38. P


    Hi guys! Are there any current and former students from these two programs? I really want to know more about these two programs before making a decision. They are both one year and have linkage to their DO schools. Thank you!!!
  39. himikie

    Help me decide between SMPs: NYMC AMP and Georgetown SMP

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me decide between SMPs. I recently got accepted to both Georgetown 1-year SMP and NYMC 1-year accelerated SMP, and was wondering if anyone has any insights to these programs. I will be applying to medical schools this upcoming cycle, and just...