SMP? How to improve application?

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Jun 1, 2015
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It depends if your research job would significantly bolster your reapplication (i.e. you were lacking research entirely/this job could lead to a publication), but in general, a solid MCAT and middling/low GPA is good SMP material. You want to demonstrate that your undergrad GPA doesn't tell your whole story and, given the opportunity, you can definitely succeed.
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My bad. Totally jumped the gun and read interviews as waitlists. Also been on an advertising spree tonight since waitlist season pretty much in full swing zzz

In terms of stats, you are a little above where I was when I graduated last year (+0.1 on both GPA's, +4 MCAT), and I was more or less set on going the SMP route. If I hadn't gone to Tulane ACLP, I would've done UCincinnati's Special Master’s Program in Physiology, which also looked to have very good rates. Others that I had applied and offered acceptances to were Tufts MBS, BU MAMS, Drexel's SMP.
Which 2 MD schools you were interviewed? Your sGPA is low for most MD schools. I'd have suggested postponing graduation for 1 year and scoop up all easy science classes (stats? easy Bio?...) to boost your sGPA, but sounds too late now. Since your weakness is your sGPA, research job won't help for next cycle unless you are URM. I'd suggest go for SMPs with linkage to med school (Gtown, ...). What science courses drag you down? If they are orgo/physics, then SMP is a good option since SMP is basically first year med school classes.
I don't want to say which two, but they were both OOS and mid-tier schools. I went to a fairly prestigious undergrad institution, which I think helped. I really like the research job so should I just try to take night classes?
Wanted to share my $.02 as a recent SMP graduate who is matriculating to medical school in the fall.

First, your science GPA is pretty low and probably the red flag in your application. There's two ways to address this: SMP's and DIY Post-Baccs.

The DIY Post-Bacc is probably the fastest, easiest, and least expensive of the two. If you re-take the science classes you were weak in, or take higher level classes and do well, it should bump up your sGPA and eliminate the problem.

If you want to go the SMP route there are a couple things to consider:
1. Does the SMP offer a certificate or an actual master's degree?
2. Is there a linkage? (Very few have linkages anymore I think Drexel, Gtown, and EVMS are the only ones left)
3. What classes do students take? Are they medical school classes or graduate classes?
4. How much do they cost?
5. What is my backup plan if I don't get into medical school after the SMP?

SMP's are no cakewalk. They are grad school level classes and will cut you off at the knees if you are not ready for them. The added danger to SMP's is that if you don't do well, it pretty much tanks your chances at medical school.
SMP is full time only, looks like you are talking about DIY post-bac, won’t hurt to try it out first.
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