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SMP's with linkage to Dental schools?


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Dec 17, 2006
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Wondering if anyone has information on SMP's or post-bacc programs that have an acceptance linkage in place with dental schools? I've found many that are partnered with med-schools, but have come up empty so far when searching for dental linkages.


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Apr 29, 2006
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It's your lucky day--UConn. There's one pre-dent in the post-bac program right now, and you can do upper level coursework if you have all the prereqs filled. Given that you've already gotten an inteview to the UConn dental school, look into it if you don't get accepted anywhere this cycle. I think you'd have a great shot of having it as a backup plan.


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Apr 30, 2006
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This is in my official SMP thread: Not entirely sure if they have linkage but it may be worth checking out

Boston University - BUMAMS (BU MA in Medical Sciences) - Research based, however you can opt for the library thesis track and the program can take twelve months. Two concentration of interest to predental students within the masters program: oral biology and oral health. You can take classes alongside dental students here.

Barry University - MS in Biomedical Sciences - 1 year or 2 year track. didactic courses. Pretty straight forward, and they have impressive numbers on their website as far as successful d-school applicants go. I'm still skeptical about this program... it's probably not legitimate skepticism. classes taken alongside health professional students.

UMDNJ - MS in Biomedical Sciences - 1 year. didactic courses. A lot like Barry, but you can take classes with dental students like at boston. This is also the least expensive program i found.

Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Science - MS in Biomedical Sciences - 1 year. didactic courses taken alongside medical students. Again, pretty straightforward.

UPenn - No degree granted - This program accepts any standardize test score, and was overall the least attractive in my opinion. It's catered to med students, no degree, and really expensive. You take science courses alongside graduate science students and there's the name recognition.
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