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Feb 3, 2007
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Hey guys,

I'm interested in internal medicine at So-Cal programs. I used to be a native and would like to go back to live. I'm also intersted in Cards. What are some board score ranges for some of those programs? I'm coming from a state school in the southeast that's not in the top 50 but top 40 for primary care so that will hurt me as far as reputation. But I have some extra-curriculars and research (like everyone else).

Pretty much, I'm curious as to how well people in my situation have fared against the fierce competition for California programs.

Thanks everyone!


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Feb 5, 2007
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i would prob go do an elective out there, work your butt off, study hard for the step 1, honor medicine, and make yourself known to the PD. the rest is up to higher powers...
good luck

dr kevin40

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Jun 22, 2002
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Spaceman, although i'm not applying for internal medicine, I am a student at a los angeles school (go bruins!) so I rotated through a whole bunch of hospitals affiliated with our school and worked closely with housestaff, and of course all the students talk bout their residents. :) I think harrison gives some excellent tips.

In general UCLA CHS is the strongest "academically" but has a reputation for being malignant. Most of the residents there seemed to have excellent numbers, purely based on the other programs they interviewed. HOwever, there is some reputation for being malignant and 2 or 3 yrs back, the program did not match (supposedly b/c the program ranked too few candidates). From friends at other med schools, interviews are very hard to come by.

Olive view and Harbor also trains very strong residents in a county setting. THere are obvious challenges that go along w/ that, but harbor I know is open ICU :eek: and the residents there tend to feel more overworked. But in general it attracts a certain type of personality. THe residents at these places also were well trained but did not have as much of a gunner mentality.

Cedars is a hollywood hospital, great location. Good reputation for community type hospital and now joined w/ VA. Most of the residents there ranked the prg highly. Their work load is significantly lighter than the other 3. We also joke that cedars attracts those who like to take call while stalking the celebrities

Kaiser LA I'm not very familiar at all. USC county is a zoo, but again not familiar.
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