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Jan 21, 2009
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Hello everyone!

I was surfing the internet looking for info about medicine. I found this cool place to talk to people and share some ideas, opinions, and experiences. I wanted to share my experience with all of you, hoping to receive a lot of advice.

I started in '05 as a music major at a community college and up to this day I am almost done with my general education requirements. Last year in the summer, I decided to change paths and pursue a medical education. I started looking for information on how to apply to med-school. I can tell you that in the past 3 years I received good grades as well as bad grades, meaning B's, many C's and some D's and F's. That tells you how dedicated I was in music :mad:. Last semester when I decided to change my major I found out that I liked science courses and I even got some A's for the first time! :) I started talking to my professors, looking for advice, reading a lot of articles. Now I am heading somewhere, you know!:) this semester I started the required courses for med-school and so far I am doing great. Yesterday I started shadowing our family doctor and it was a great experience. I spent a lot of time next to the nurse. He is a doctor in Cuba and even though he can't work as a doctor in the US, he talked to me about the career and taught me a lot!

On the other hand, i am a little stressed out because I am unemployed and I have a little bit of debt and monthly payments which I haven't been able to pay.

Now that you know some of my past years and my current situation, what kind of advice would you share? how would you manage to have job and at the same time prepare for med school? And, about my previous education, would those bad grades affect me a lot when I am ready to apply to med-school? What if now I am doing everything to get excellent grades? What other general advice???

I would really appreciate your comments



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Jun 15, 2007
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Well, you HAVE to eat, right? And, you HAVE to get good grades if you are going to medical school.

So, get a job that will keep you afloat and take as many classes at a time that you can handle and still get really good grades. FOr many people, this translates to ONE at a time. This may mean adding a year (or two) but you truly need to keep the grades up. You have lots of damage control to do with those past grades (like myself and many other non-trads).

When the time comes, study hard and I mean HARD for the MCAT. Take full-length practice exams until you get the scores you need. DO not take it until you get the scores you want in practice.

Good luck to you.
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