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May 3, 2006
The best thing for you to do is go to the PharmCas website ( and click on the school pages. It gives you a breakdown of what different schools are looking for in their applicants as far as GPA, pre-requisites, pharmacy experience, and the like. For further information I would visit the school's website.

Your chances are going to depend on the schools that you apply to. Take a look at the stats for the schools you are interested in, and apply to the ones where the average is not too far off from yours (aka avg GPA 3.2., etc.). What you could also do is look for schools that only factor in your pre-req GPA and nothing else. I think UF does this, but there may be others. If I were you I would also look into private schools, as they tend to accept more out of state/transfer applicants.

Above all, be confident. Your grades are what they are (and they're really not that bad). At this point you should focus on doing well on the PCAT, and the fact that you already have pharmacy experience (3 years! :thumbup: ) is a plus, as well. That's about all I can offer. Hope it helps.
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