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Apr 30, 2000
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Has anyone else noticed how OD schools require more pre-req courses than DO or MD schools. Nearly all the schools I looked at req micro besides the normal. Not to mention all the schools req calculs and only a hand full of MD or DO schools do. One I looked at also req physio.

I'm sure there re-teach all that stuff anyway, exept calc. Why do OD ask for more?


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Apr 25, 2001
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I believe they ask for me pre-reqs because they have you go right into specialized classes. No repeat of micro.. just right onto ocular microbiology second year. no repeat of biochem.. just right into pharm second year. You do have to pretty much retake physio and anatomy, but then it's right into path and ocular path. And you start off with ocular specialized classes first semester.. like optics and vision science. So, they want you to have already seen the basics or the rest of this stuff is going to hit you REALLY hard. This is just from the UHCO curriculum perspective. But, I'm sure this is kind of the way it works with most schools. Since med school repeats a lot of the general micro, anatomy, biochem, and phys. they don't always require them for undergrads. (although from what I've seen it's still strongly recommended). Hope this helps!
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