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    Jan 6, 2009
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    Dear all , we here just to till you about story of ( Israel and killing ) which start 70 years ago , listen and think ….

    What is going on in palestine ?

    In Palestine .. the holy land to the three religions , Judaism , Christianity and Islam . since seventy years (1948-2009) , Jews practiced the most hideous crimes against humanity .The Jews who came from Europe and Russia committed many shocking crimes without exception to the babies , women and old aged men throughout the country .

    The Muslims and Christians holy cities and places did not escape the danger of destruction and devastation through who set the holy mosque of Jerusalem on fire and encroached Al-Qiamah church , the Christians holiest place in Palestine .

    Since hundreds of years , Palestine was inhabited by Muslim and Christian Arabs who lived together in peace and indulgence . when the Jews came in 1948 , they began to kill and frighten away the inhabitants under the pretension of restoring their right in Palestine .

    Today , in spite of Arabs initiatives towards peace and tolerant life , and in spite of the truces that were offered by resistants (fighters) in Gaza , Israel carried on its brutalities against the people of the land for the purpose of annihilation .

    It seems that Israel is still believe in its founder's motto ( I am being as long as I am fighting ) .

    We are writing this article aiming at enlighting people allover the world to the real terrorist and real killer .

    .................................................. ..............

    Thank you for listening

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    what does this have to do with medical schools?
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    There is a dedicated forum for the discussion of political issues - the sociopolitical forum at the following link: . There are already multiple discussions about this issue there.

    Closing this thread as it is inappropriate for this particular forum.
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