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Jan 3, 2005
i volunteer in a co-op in san diego, no matter if i say that "i verify donations made" if and when a co-op is busted while im present, i could potentially lose my financial aid

i have a med mj prescription but i dont think that is much good for what is tantamount to distribution

i clear about a G a month but only work 2 days a week, and while thats been great so far and im keeping abreast of legal developments, im risking alot of dollars, HES + med school alone = a ton of financial aid and i could never do it without that money

even though san diego is the safest place and no co-op has yet gone down, (there was one 5 years ago that went down, but it was eventually tossed out of court) i know i should quit that job

i guess i just want some opinions on my situation, med mj, the aclu stance against the no aid for drug conviction