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Oct 30, 2003
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Hi, guys.......I'm a first year student from India. I would very VERY much like to receive some training in the US. In order to that I have to clear the USMLEs. Now, I was kinda hoping for some advice from you guys about how to go about cracking the Step 1, as a foreign medical student. In India, we follow a curriculum roughly based on the British system. Implications, anyone?
All are welcome to share their views, and any sort of advice is welcome (barring 'begin your studies by watching Janet Jackson at the Superbowl'). Thanks a lot!


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Aug 7, 2003
Kerala,India or PA,USA
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get yourself some good review books and start using them with your courses in college
first aid for step (2004)
kaplan books (review course)
BRS pathology
hi-yield anatomy
START ADAPTING YOUURSELF TO multiple choice questions.not one sentence questions..but clinical vignettes(short stories with clinical,pathological evidence)USMLES do not have essay questions

hope this helps
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