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Jun 8, 2002
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i have 4 weeks until i take step 1. i REALLY need to do well on this b/c i want to enter a competitive specialty (optho) & my preclinical grades are pretty poor. my problem is that i can't seem to force myself to study. i waste hours every day on the internet. i know this sounds pathetic, but i am so burnt out from 2nd year. the simple solution is to study in a place that doesn't have the internet but i'm using kaplan q-bank so that's not possible.
so, i guess my question is this: are there any cd-roms out there that are like qbank or similar? that way i could study in a remote place and still have questions on my laptop similar to the actual test. i don't mind losing the $ from qbank since my future may depend on this test. thanks in advance!


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Jun 5, 2002
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have you gotten a copy of the USMLE sample questions on CD-ROM from the NBME? our school gave 'em out. they're also available from the nbme/usmle website for don't need an internet connection, so no distraction!

hang in there! i take mine saturday...let the battle begin!

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You should purchase the board simulator series and do practice questions out of there for a while. You can go back to using q bank when it comes closer to exam time and you are feeling more of the pressure of taking the exam.
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