May 21, 2016
I have a question about how to better improve my application for dental school. This is my background: Graduated from a 4 year accredited university last year with a degree in biology. I worked in research department on plant growth hormones, pesticides and insecticides for about 9 months. This June I quit and made a serious decision about pursuing dentistry. I always thought about it but I did not have enough belief in myself if this is actually for me. I volunteered the whole summer at a dental clinic and I loved it. I think it is too late for me to apply this year with my stats. GPA: 3.21 sGPA: 3.0something. I want to improve my gpa. I calculated that if I pull a 4.0 this year 12 credit hours each semester, I will get to 3.35 and around the same or more in sGPA. Now my question is I got another job offer for a beauty product company working in R&D department (they also said they want to expand to making tooth paste too, which is one of the main reasons why I agreed to the job). I want to do 1 semester at a local CC college and another semester at a university just so I can save some money because with this job I can. Do you guys think this is a good idea or bad? CC classes I am taking: environmental bio, 2 psych classes, one is called Human Disease ( all science electives) I do not want to take upper level bio classes at cc. 300+ I mean. Second sem I want to take: Histology, Anatomy, Immunology, etc. I do not know if I should retake courses because I was mostly bombarded with B's (+/-) (Other question is should I retake my C+ in orgoII and C in Biochem?) Pretty sure those are my only C's. I just need some advice from you guys if it is a good plan and also want to show dental schools I can handle a lot. Since ill apply next June I will also apply for an SMP program for next year just in case. What will be my chances next year with those stats?
P.S. I already began studying for DAT
Thank you!
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