some questions about NYCOM 3rd n 4th yrs


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Jan 5, 2004
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    I was wondering when during your 3rd and 4th years can you do your elective rotations.

    -how many months of elective rotations do u get
    -do u do all of your electives after you're done with your core or can you do them in between
    general quest---when during your 3'rd and 4th years do you apply for residency

    - i was wondering about this becuase i've heard that its a good idea to do your electives near the region where you plan to live/practice. Say i decide to go to FL to finally establish my practice. By the time i get to my electives If they are at the end of my core rotations, i may have not even had a chance to establish any kind of connections in FL in order to obtain Letters of reCc etc for a good residency in that region

    lotta confusing questions

    but any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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    Apr 12, 2003
      Your third year of rotations are basically done around the NY area, some a little bit north and south of NY. For your 4th year "showcase" rotations, you can go do them in Florida if you want. You have 3 elective rotations that you can basically do anywhere in the country. You can also do your radiology and EM rotations at any hospital that has those residences. All your 4th year rotations are 1 month long except for your office preceptorship which is 6 weeks long and has to be done with a NYCOM preceptor. The total number of rotations done 4th year are 10, however, most of the rotations after your interviews have been completed dont really mean that much. You typically start applying to residences around September and your "showcase" rotations are done July to around December maybe even January but that's pushing it a little.

      What year are you that you're worrying about this right now? Didn't you JUST get accepted to NYCOM for the incoming class? If you did, then you're worrying about this WAY too early.
      Good Luck.
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