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Jan 13, 2004
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Hello all,

To those who are now in process of waiting from NVCP like me, I have some updated information as followed:

I called Dr. DeYoung today and asked him about admission status questions in general. According to what he said, NVCP will interview approximately 120 people from now on. Up to this point, very limited acceptance letters have been sent out. At the same time, a lot of rejection letters have already been sent out, too. He will call indivitually each person if he/she is accepted. So that's actually good news since we have a chance, still. He also told me that around the end of April, the admission committee will meet up and finalize who they would choose for class of 2007. At the end of May, all applicants will know their final status.

So the bottom line now is : Be Patient! And don't waste time on calling them anymore. They're just really slow and careful in making decision.

Hope this helps, in someway.
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