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Something that happened

Discussion in 'Psychology [Psy.D. / Ph.D.]' started by Variable Rush, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Variable Rush

    Variable Rush King of Randomness

    Jan 30, 2007
    Something weird happened a few days ago, before I became a member of this board, I was really kinda freaked when it happened.

    I went to the McDonald's next to the school I was subbing at (which is right across from a hospital). I got a chicken tenders (five piece) meal and as I'm eating them, this obviously homeless guy walks in and sits at a table perpendicular to mine. He just has this look to him, his beard is white and far more scraggily than mine and his clothes are pretty tattered.

    I'm eating my chicken so I don't think too much of it at first, then I hear an employee say "you can't pour salt on the table" and I look up and this guy's opening salt and pepper packets and pouring them on the table, and then licking the stuff off his fingers. I was like, "****, this guy's gotta be pretty bad off to have to resort to doing that for nourishment."

    By this point, I've lost all interest in my food. My mind started racing. Do I buy him some food? Do I give him some money? Do I give him what's left of my chicken?

    I set what was left of my chicken and fries on the next table over, next to the one he was at. He saw me do it and came over and grabbed it, then I guess, in his mind he was thanking me because all he said was a random word salad, only one in every few vocalizations out of his mouth were words I recognized as being words.

    In the middle of his tirade I just said, "I have to go back to work..." and walked out, not knowing what happened to the guy after that.

    Near as I can tell he suffered from some kind of schizophrenia or other formal thought disorder.

    *Note: I do hold a degree in Psychology (BA) though right now I'm working as a school teacher.
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