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Sep 10, 2010
I was wondering if anyone was familiar with any peer-reviewed journal that publishes clinical vignettes pertinent to ophthalmology that are meant to showcase the disease presentation, sort of at the level for medical students/early residents or non-ophtho physicians.

Not looking for case-reports of the unique unusual cases, sort of things like run of the mill ant uveitis is a young male presenting with photophobia, red eye, etc.

Google shows me ophthalmology clinical vignettes by pemberton but was wondering if there was something I could access with my institutional access like from NEJM type of thing. NEJM has their "Clinical Cases", JAMA has Clinical Challenges. Similar to these but even more basic almost is what I'm looking for.

I posted something similar in Allopathic but was actually hoping to find this material specifically for ophthalmology.

Thanks a lot!
May 17, 2017
This is not necessarily a peer reviewed journal, but eyerounds from the Univ of Iowa has a great set of cases ranging from different subspecialties in ophthalmology
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