Jan 18, 2013
Resident [Any Field]
Residency is about getting skills, not about easy/chill hours. You've got a ton to learn in a short time, especially in family medicine.

That said, we bust ass in Southern California, but lots of our residents have beach time, surf time, scuba time, hiking / mountain climbing time, etc. You get days off at whatever program you attend.


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Apr 22, 2006
Medical Student
My friend who did his training at Kaiser said compared to other programs his program was more relaxed. by relax i mean, he had no calls (weekend and weekday), very little inpatient and lots of electives. He told me most Kaiser programs train you to be outpatient physicians, and if you want they allow you to make your rotations harder/easier. He ended up doing lots of inpatient and icu electives because he wanted to do inpatient. Otherwise he said he could have done some outpatient specialty rotations that would have been much much easier in the second and third year. So in the end, it is what you make it to be -- like most residency should be. However, that said, some residency programs do not give you a choice...but kaiser programs do...