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Special Advise for Non-Trads?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by raom_dtpi, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. raom_dtpi

    raom_dtpi Member
    7+ Year Member

    Aug 1, 2003
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    I was wondering if non traditional students out there who are already accepted to med schools this year, could give the rest of us some advise. I mean, besides good Post Bac GPA and good MCAT. I have some questions here. Please feel free to add to the list.Thank you so much!

    - Scout

    1) I've heard people say, adcoms are tired of sob stories. But several non-trad students make the career change because of life-changing health situations to loved ones. If you fall into this category, how did you address your personal statement?

    2) Did you express interest in a particular field of medicine? Did you do any "specific" volunteering/research activity to strengthen your case?

    3) Did you dwell into any past research experience form undergrad/grad school to show that you have the "analytical/scientific" mind?

    4) Did you meet with Adcoms personally for advise?

    5) Did you pick interesting recommenders who would talk about why you would make a good doctor? (i.e outside of school and work) For example: A family physician who has seen you take care of a parent/grand parent?
  2. curlycity

    curlycity Guest

    Apr 15, 2004
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    Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
    1) I covered it in two sentences and used it in the framework of '...medicine was something I had always wanted to pursue but hadn't done because of X, and this experience was instrumental in...etc. etc. I think it's best to be brief, and to use the experience to highlight something about yourself, because the adcom is trying to learn about you, not your unfortunate aunt.

    2) I cited my clinical experiences and what I learned from each and how they shaped my interest in oncology, but I avoided negative statements (like I would NEVER do such and such). I don't think the app is the place to list a specific goal unless it's really, really strongly decided, because most of us change our minds several times. I summed it up that I learned that I wanted patient contact and a field that would be science-y and change rapidly. I used the word science-y, I think that's what got me in. You know I'm totally kidding.

    3) Well, ironic chuckle here, the one thing I learned from my research was that I don't want to do research...so in my PS I pretty much stated that doing the research gave me respect for the work that goes into the science behind the patient care I would be providing and for my future colleagues in that field, AND it absolutely reinforced my desire to go into direct patient contact. Best to be honest, I guess. And I did enjoy doing the research for the time it lasted. Both sentiments came through in my statement.

    4) Adcom members from the TX schools and Baylor all came to UT at various times and I talked to them. I got excellent advice from my health professions advisor here, and also checked out the typical dozen books everyone reads from the library and skimmed them.

    5) I met with my HP advisor once a semester for an hour to chat and make sure she got to know me and my story, and all the good anecdotes I didn't want to fit into my PS. I also used a psychology prof who got to know me really well personally and I babysat her kids a few times. Keep in mind, your app needs to state why you'd be a good doctor but also why you'd be a successful medical student (ie work ethic, academic abilities). So I went with academic contacts that could address both issues.

    If you're still awake and reading...hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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