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Feb 4, 2016
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Hi everyone, a few questions for the group. On a curriculum vitae from a sports medicine physician:
(1) Under the sports coverage area, do you list every single event you cover, or do you group them? (Ex. 1 game at X high school, 1 game at Y high school, 1 game at Z high school or... 3 games of high school football)
(2) When do you call yourself the "event physician" or "team physician"? I know events and teams can all have many physicians associated with it, and some even designate the title "head team physician." Guidance on this would be nice.
(3) Do you list out the courses or medical/academic conferences you attend on your curriculum vitae?


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Jan 27, 2010
The way I do my resume:

1: I have a dedicated "Sports Coverage" section of my CV. To me the details depends on where you are in career. In residency/fellowship I listed each team and year that I covered individual seasons, i.e. 2016 U of X Women's Basketball. Now that I'm in practice and cover multiple teams at a university I consolidated that into: 2017-Present U of X Athletics

2: Under my "Professional Appointment" section I list as Team Physician (or Asst. Team Physician if in training while covering) for any school and seasons that I covered in the past. I reserve 'Head Team Physician' (or Chief Medical Officer) for the person who the person who formally has that title for the entire athletic department or is the head of all non-op physicians for a professional team (and 'Head Orthopedic Surgeon' for their side of things).

3: I do not list conferences I've attended, but certainly list any poster presentations, invited sessions, etc. A better strategy to me is having a "Skills" section and list the procedures and/or diagnoses you enjoy/good at/etc. (if this is what you are trying to convey with the conference attendance information). From my CV:

Procedures and Interventions:
- US guided injections, fluoroscopically guided joint and lumbar spine procedures, regenerative medicine, EMG

Medical Management:
- Non-operative sports and spine medicine, prosthetics and orthotics, amputee medicine
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