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Jun 27, 2018
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I am working on my application spreadsheet for this cycle. What are things that you included or are including? (like primary submitted, secondary submitted, II date, etc)

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What people have included in theirs in the past:

school name, phone number and hours, location, date applied, date complete, app portal link and password, correspondence dates, secondary received and sent, cost of secondary, interview invite date, interview date, FA information, type of interview, mission, etc.
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In addition to what dox4lyfe said, I kept a second spreadsheet for II. It included school cost, people I met and addresses, notes on interview day, impression, pro/con list, COL estimate, avg.rent, highlight of area. I also had avg Step 1 score and ranking in my preferred specially, but I realize now those numbers don't really mean anything.
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Im keeping a secondary app spreadsheet that has the link to the secondary, password, log in ID, color coded to show if I submitted or not, if they accept updates or not, and the first day that an II was reported last cycle.
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