Sri Ramachandra Medical College

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Oct 17, 2001
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Seems many people here are considering this college as a place for medical school.

I recently graduated from there as an NRI so I would be happy to share my experiences with this school and just being a foreign grad applying for residency.

So just let me know how I can help.

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I'd love to hear anythign you have to share about the university..
I'm gathering information from everywhere right now..

What is school like in India? Residence, teaching..etc..?
How do you apply (and when)?!
Is it difficult returning to US after getting a degree in India?
That's all i can think of right now..
Hi Mira,

The campus itself is very pretty (probably one of the prettiest for a med. school in India).

It is situated about 15-30 minutes outside of Madras, which is a HUGE metropolitan city with many places to watch movies and eat. Good thing is it isn't right in the heart of the city due to the congestion of traffic and air pollution in the city proper!!

The dorm rooms for NRI's(people from U.S.) are VERY NICE.

There are a lot of NRI's in each years batch. So probably around 80 or so at the entire school. So u never feel like ur all alone in a foreign country. If ur a partier many of the NRI's there now like to throw parties on the weekend or like to go clubbing.

Teaching is good, must be because many of the NRI's recently taken the board exams have done avg to above avg. Almost all are finding residency spots somewhere.

My biggest piece of advice is the same for anyone thinking about training abroad. That is accept the fact u will always be a foreign grad. and u can find a residency in a field not too competitive somewhere (often at community hospitals.)

Hope this helps. If u have any specific questions u can e mail me at: [email protected]
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thanks for the info..
I emailed you requesting more info..

i need to know how to get in contact with the university, so if anyone can help..
Id like to put my words in...being tha i am a graduate of the aforementioned university.

First....I think I know who the poster is....

Second...SRMC is a really nice place. It is a lot different than when nav and I started in 95. Now there is Pizza Hut, Bowling, Pool, a good nightlife, go-karts...U name it..
When I came here, Chennai was the pits...nuthin to do at all.

Third...With the way things are going now (anti-IMG sentiments running high), I would carefully consider the choice of going abroad..sure its easier to get in, and is a shorter ride...(I am not about to get into a debate about which system is better. Like nav said, most of us rock our boards)..but its also harder to get more competitive residencies. me, ok..then Ill tell you who i am..lemee give you a hint...I play guitar.
It's not bobby..just me..

Anyway thanks again for the info about the city. I was there this past summer so I got to see the city, it was nice.
My problem is getting in contact with the university. I don't know how to apply and when.
If someone could help me with that I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks :confused:

Man, how u doin!!

Figures of all the sites to visit I end up running into u here.

Hey man, give me ur email address, mine is: [email protected]

Hope to talk to u more.
Does anyone have the phone number for SRMC or for Radha in california..??!?!
ok so i got ahold of the college..
it's rather impossible to get an answer from anyone..
If ANYONE knows how to get an application form from SRMC can you please tell me...
Thanks! :confused:
hey docmira,
check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
but i think you need to pay to download the admissions info