St Andrews University Bute School of Medicine

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Feb 26, 2005
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Does anyone have any information on this school? Is admissions tough? Does anyone know any graduates, who are now practicing in the States? Any information is greatly appreciated. Oh, and on a side note, I have 3.3GPA 3.5 sciences, Skidmore College, no MCATS yet, where do you suggest I apply to? I am interested in Irish and Scottish schools. My golfing blood craves the courses...

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The course (medical that is ;)) at St. Andrews is 6 years long. 3 years in St. Andrews leading to a BSc and then 3 years in the medical school at the University of Manchester for clinical training. I'm not sure how they view international students but as with all UK medical schools, international applicants from a developed country with its own medical schools is very competitive.

Dundee and Glasgow take US applicants though...I met US highschool seniors at my Glasgow interview and my Dundee interview also.

Just as an aside...getting a round on the Old Course has to be booked at least a year in advance and costs STG£60-120 depending on the time of year. You must book the other courses at least a month in advance and the green fees are about half those of the Old Course.