yo - we have to submit this within 10 days? thats wack. whats up with all the 100 word essays, i wish i could send in my mstp personal statement, you think i could do that?


another thing - i'm getting really confused about where to send letter of recs. do we only send it to the mstp if specifically requested to? med school is default? or just send 'em to both? gah - i think i should probably invest in a organizational system.


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Jan 4, 2002
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Some dude at Stanford MSTP admissions sent me this

Letters of recommendation for Stanford's MSTP should be sent to the
School of Medicine Admissions office to be included in your file.
We won't see that file until it is completed.

There is space on the secondary MSTP application (part of the
Stanford secondary) to provide the information we will need. It is
not necessary to send other materials...they may not make it to your

Best wishes,

BTW, the address for SOM is online. Check the part where you print out your LOR forms

On a separate note, I hate how they limit the space where you can put stuff down. I was all about telling them how wonderful their Bio-X inititive is and how i know every faculty on campus etc etc...:mad:

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