Pastrami King

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Mar 19, 2005
Anyone know how they match for fellowships? Are they considered a "well known" program?
last few years:
2010: one in private practice in manhattan and one doing an international year (the resident wanted to take a year and travel the world doing good. she graduated with 250+ phacos, 20+ vitrectomies, etc.) only 2 residents because the 3rd moved to another state to finish her residency with her husband.
2009: retina at stanford; glaucoma at bascom; glaucoma at Michigan (the last had a wife in detroit).
2008: oculoplastics at the ASOPRS program in NYC (Lisman/Kazim et al); retina at UCLA; job at genentech.
2007: glaucoma at UCSF; cornea at UCSF; medical retina at bascom
2006: retina at UCSD, glaucoma at UCSD, forgot what the 3rd one did