Feb 18, 2013
New Jersey
Thinking about my upcoming school year makes me both terrified and excited... I'm going into my first year of college at a community college and I'm actually taking courses this semester that are vet school requirements and that's so crazy to me. Its starting to really count now 0.0
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me about building my experience and GPA. I was usually a B student in high school so I'm a little nervous I won't have A's in college, either.

I don't have a lot of experience, either. I worked at a vet office for three months but had to leave that job, then I shadowed a vet for about six hours one day. I've also been working at petsmart in the pet care department taking care of the animals and such (I love it!) and I've been doing that for six months now. But I'm really looking for more work at a veterinary office. Whats the best way to approach vet offices to let me shadow/volunteer/work, so far none have allowed me?
Also any studying advice would be great xD I really want to get into vet school.
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