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Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by Clovers, Apr 24, 2007.

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    I graduated from the University of California, Davis back in 2005. My cGPA is 2.92. I failed two courses in college but made them up with passing grades. I also had 2 Ds. Ever since graduating from college I have been taking classes at a JC. My first semester at JC I got a 4.0. I took 4 classes that semester-Anatomy and Physiology I, Ochem II, Biological Psychology, and Anatomy and Physiology II. My second semester I took one class and got a C (Animal Bio). My third semester I took one class (Microbio) and got a B. I took the MCAT and got a 23. I have been volunteering at soup kitchens, covalescent homes and is in the process of applying for a volunteer position at a hospital. I want to apply to Caribbean medical school for the May term. What do you think my chances are at AUC, Ross, St.George, Saba? Thanks!
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    You are asking the wrong question. because I believe you will get in.

    The right question is: What are my chances of getting out of ROSS, SGU or SABA and passing the USMLE and getting a residency?

    The answer is: How hard are you willing to work?

    Don't you hate it when people answer a question with a question?

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