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Jul 10, 2003
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Greetings all,

I used to be neurotic, but that has changed since I completed year 1 of my MD/PhD program (2+3+2 yrs) and am coming up on the end of my second lab rotation. Now I know myself to have a personality disorder... jk... anyways... enough behavioral stuff.

I have found my first year in med school to be pretty chill. I cruised through with High passes, which is not super difficult, but not easy either. It was a nice feeling during the school year to have the time in the evenings and on the weekends to enjoy and not think about school too much; unlike some of my other AOA striving friends.

I'm finishing up my second lab rotation, and am finding it to be much better than my first one that I had last summer. The difference, the lab crew I work with is much more personable, which makes going to work fun! Yes folks, it's important to like the people you're with. The PI I'm under has this grand vision, but is sometimes wishy-washy in the details. That is where the head lab tech comes in. She is an awesome mentor and fills in all the necessary details to keep me on track with my research. In my projects that I've been assigned this summer, I have been pushed to make constant progress, and have received constant help by my graduate student peers along the way. To me, these things I've outlined above, make a huge difference in the enjoyment factor of doing a PhD.

As for the concerns I had about the time frame (being mid-30s after graduation, taking 7 years to complete the program), it is less of an issue when I enjoy what I'm doing. So, in summary, I think I found a lab for my PhD work, and already have a few projects in mind. Life with research is like punctuated equilibrium; at times you get out of the lab around noon, other days you're in on the weekend. Also, because of the more chill PhD schedule, I actually have time to spend with my wife! It's nice to know that I won't have the typical medical marriage... yet...

At any rate, I hope all my fellow geek phys/sci. are doing well,