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Stay at Undergrad vs. Post-Bacc?


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May 31, 2006
  1. Pre-Medical
    I'm set to graduate from Tulane after the summer session I'm enrolled in right now with a double major in English and Psychology (GPA slightly under 3.6). I have not taken any of the pre-reqs, but I'm also graduating a year early so I have plenty of time/flexibility.
    I could take, or at least start, the courses here, but I'm really itching to leave (mostly b/c of personal reasons, but hurricane season/levees that still aren't fixed is another factor). I know a lot of pre-med students here who could help me pick classes, etc. But I'd like to spread them out over 1.5/2 years, and I don't really want to stay here that long. Plus it'd be pricey.

    I've been considering the Harvard Extension program, but I'm wondering for consistency's sake: would it be better to stay and take the courses at my undergrad institution than do them post-bac? How big of a difference would it make?
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