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Jazz Gal

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May 14, 2002
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Hi all. I'll be finishing up my first year of med school pretty soon. I was wondering how much of my summer I should spend reviewing basic science material from this year. How much of it appears on the boards? Some upperclassmen have told me that Step I is all year-2 stuff, but other people say there's plenty of biochem, anatomy, and phys on the exam.

Even if there is plenty of year-1 stuff on the exam, is it worth it to get started studying right now?

If anyone can offer their opinion....


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Mar 5, 2000
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  1. Attending Physician
Enjoy your summer off. You will not remember any biochem pathways by the end of your second year and will have to review it all again. You might as well enjoy your summer and review it a few weeks before boards.


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Jul 31, 2000
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No, it is not worthwhile to study the summer between your first two years unless you had trouble understanding something first year and want to go over it again so that you will understand it for second year. Cardio and renal are subjects that it is useful to have a strong first year foundation in for going into second year IMO. If you want to see to what extent first year topics are covered on the boards, you can purchase the First Aid 2002 edition and flip through that. You should use First Aid to study for your second year classes anyways so it's OK to purchase that book now.
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