USMLE Step 1 Now or P/F

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Aug 16, 2020
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Hi !
Here is a Non-US IMG.
i am planning to do fellowship in US after i finished residency in my country.
i am preparing for step 1 and I’ll be ready on November. But i have question, is it better to take it now or postpone to 2021 since pass and fail score will be official on jan? And since they are not gonna change my 3digit score to P/F if i take the exam now!

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I agree that it would be better to take it while you have the ability to score high, assuming that you have confidence that this will happen. I personally have no idea what you guys are going to do when it switches to P/F. I can't imagine how much more difficult it will be to differentiate yourself from other applicants.
definitely take it while you still are about to get a score, you need to be able to distinguish yourself as an IMG! the only exception to this would be if you really struggle to get anything higher than a barely passing score