Step 1 score and uworld score correlation

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May 2, 2016
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I'm scoring ~80% average on uworld timed random blocks, what score should I be expecting in my exam? My exam is a month from now and I'm aiming for ~250 is it possible or should I lower my target?

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UWorld isn't as predictive as the NBME's. Whatever your NBME average is, you're going to be +/- 7
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U world is nothing like the actual test, Uworld give you a long paragraph with clue after clue, the real thing will give you two lines of vagueness and expect you to pick an answer.
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I've set my exam at the furthest point it can get (with eligibility period extension used ) so I'm going in anyway and not ready to see a bad score on nbme because it will break me but thanks anyway .

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