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Step 1 scores and EM

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by sstearle, Sep 8, 2002.

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  1. sstearle

    sstearle Junior Member

    Jun 21, 2002
    I was wondering if anyone can give me an opinion on step 1 scores needed for EM. I got a 209, a little below average. I know I won't be competitive for top-notch programs but will a score like this allow me to get into average, respectable programs? Thanks for any opinions.
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  3. southerndoc

    southerndoc life is good Moderator Emeritus Lifetime Donor 10+ Year Member

    Jun 6, 2002
    Go to Scutwork.com and take a look at the programs that didn't fill last year. Be sure to apply to 1 or 2 of those as backups.

    While the AVERAGE USMLE score may be above average for EM, the range probably dips as low as 182 or so. I'm sure there are some people who are matched that have only passing scores.
  4. GCS:3

    GCS:3 Allegheny grad 7+ Year Member

    Jul 25, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    I don't know specifics about any schools, but I assume if you have good grades and evals, you should get in if you apply to enough places. SAEM recommends you apply to 20 programs, and if you get less than 8 interviews, to add more. Good luck!
  5. DocWagner

    DocWagner Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    You only make yourself more competative with a better score (ie shoot for 200-230). EM residencies look for more than just numbers, typically the interview ways in heavily. But scores that are barely passing, certainly would not weigh in your favor.
    A strong LOR from a well respected name can go VERY far.
  6. bigfrank

    bigfrank SDN Donor 7+ Year Member

    Feb 20, 2002
    I think 209 is a very decent score and you should have NO problem matching somewhere.

    With 1,100+ spots, there are enough spots to go around for a US-MD.

    Thanks, Frank
  7. 12R34Y

    12R34Y 10+ Year Member

    Apr 5, 2000
    For those who have gone through the ER residency application process.....................how heavily are the first two year's basic science grades weighted? are third year grades equally or more important? LOR's and USMLE? what do programs for ER tend to focus on more?

    thanks for anything.

  8. DocWagner

    DocWagner Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    At most programs two things really stand out about 1st and 2nd year grades...those that are terrible and those that are outstanding. And with that being said, the typical 3.2-3.7 GPA is relatively equal. Each school is different, so unless you failed or got straight A's, then it truly means very little.
    It is always a positive thing to look and see what 3rd year rotations you recieved honors on...but also, this is likely a subjective measurement.
    When "grading candidates" we weigh the interview highly, and also read any letters that are available. Your personal statement will also be read. USMLE/COMLEX scores are taken into consideration, but only really matter when they are exceptionally poor or outstanding.

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