Oct 31, 2013
Medical Student
Hey guys

Step 1 tomorrow, and I'm losing it. Been nauseous all day, drawing blanks on stuff I was able to do with my eyes closed, feel like I'm forgetting everything.

Is this normal? Do you calm down once you get going on the test?

NBMEs were all in the 230s, except two _ nbme 11 217, and nbme 13 247 (I did this two days ago but feel it to be a bit of a fluke.

Please, any experience, advice, comforting will helps lot.


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Jan 31, 2008
Medical Student
If you're getting 230's on multiple nbme's there's one more thing you ned to do..KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON. You are good to go. Trust me. You're so good to go that you don't even need a good luck from me because luck is needed by those who don't know anything. You know your stuff. Let us know when you get your awesome score.