Step 2 and internship


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Jul 1, 2003
Does anyone know if there is a deadline for when we have to take Step 2 before starting internship?

I thought I'd heard stories in the past that interns weren't allowed to sign orders unless they had official confirmation that they had passed Step 2. How long do the score reports take to arrive after you've taken the exam? If I take Step 2 in mid-late May, is that too late?



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Feb 1, 2004
Originally posted by Andrew_Doan
This policy varies. I wasn't required to take Step 2 at Hopkins, so I waited well into my Intern year to take it. To get a resident license, all you need is a diploma in most states. Perhaps the rules have changed now.

Hopkins is weird with standardized tests. They don't even require students to take any of the steps to graduate, and their med school adcom used to not even require the mcat. Most IM programs that I visited do require you to have step 2 completed prior to starting residency, I assume that goes for the prelim programs as well.
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