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Step 2 CS question

Aug 1, 2005
working on my tan......
  1. Attending Physician
I have a question for those that have taken the exam and gotten their results. My school gave us a practice in-house exam and I was told I put down too many tests to order. I followed the basic outline in FA on ordering tests. I did not order MRI for no reason, etc. But, I did order CBC and electrolytes. Usually around 4 or 5 things per patient. Very similar to the examples they provide.

What should I do on CS? Order the tests or do not order.

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5+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Jan 11, 2012
  1. Medical Student
Given the amount of time that you'll have, you honestly don't have the time to think about whether or not this is absolutely essential. The basic work up is a give in. CBC, ESR, CRP, TSH + (B-hCG if female and reproductive age group).

Then think about what the case is. Do I need an LFT? RFT? Lipid profile? STI work up?

Then based on the system involved:
Respiratory system: +Chest Xray
Abdomen: +USG Abdomen and Pelvis
Neuro: MRI Brain/CT Head

I would end up doing something like this and wonder whether I needed anything more, which I mostly didn't and I did pretty well on the ICE portion of my test and this is considering I left most of my encounters thinking "What just happened?" Hope this helps! Good luck.
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