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    Okay guys, i have two things to ask. I just turned in my primary app on Monday,

    1) schools that are taking printed AMCAS: So we just sned in a printed copy of the AMCAS app, right? Can we send them just a copy of our MCAT scores, ie, xerox the official one we got, and can we give them unofficial transcripts or do they require official transcripts?

    2) Can we turn in secondaries even before schools get our primary apps, i.e.

    Thanks and sorry if these are stupid questions. This whole AMCAS fiasco has fried my brain.
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    Mar 22, 2001
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    1. Yep, just print your application off of the AMCAS website and send it to the schools that are accepting them. I don't know if they want MCAT scores or not, but I'd go by what the individual schools are asking for. Try their websites to see. I don't know about transcripts.

    2. I have already turned one in, but the school already had the preliminary info that AMCAS had sent them.

    "This whole AMCAS fiasco has fried my brain."

    Yours and mine both, buddy. ;)
  4. SMW

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    As far as I know, the only school taking paper apps that wants transcripts so far is Johns Hopkins. And they want official transcripts, not copies. You don't have to send the part of your app that has the list of schools, but you need to send the certification stuff that comes after the list of schools. Most of the schools are asking for either a copy of your MCAT score sheet, or a letter telling them your scores. And yes, you can do the secondary while you're sending the primary app. for the schools with on-line secondaries. If you have to type or print the secondary and send it, might as well send the two together. (Make sure to send it some way you can track it. I use priority mail with delivery confirmation. If you send it certified or some such it slows it down considerably, and Express Mail or Fed Ex gets pretty expensive if you're sending out a lot of apps.)

    Hope this helps.

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