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Apr 25, 2015
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-Step 3 was similar score to Step 2 (220s)
-Will post more when I get some time but right now just glad I flushed USMLE out of my system.
-Briefly what I did:
-1 year to study, previous US-grad, didn't match last year

from August to December did UWORLD ABFM, UWORLD ABIM, MKSAP 16 - didn't review because didn't have time. In hindsight should not have done this as I didn't remember alot if any from t

1) Step 3 qbanks - completed Kaplan, USMLE-Rx, UWORLD Step 3 and Step 2
-panicked last 4 weeks before exam after doing NBMEs
-NBMEs wording very different from UWORLD so I did Kaplan and USMLE-Rx banks
-one thing about UWORLD - in my opinion outdated and alot of questions are very similar to 2012 version floating out there in pdf, exam wording of questions was not anything like UWORLD (do the NBMEs you will know what I'm talking about)
-For Rx you can do the difficult questions which I felt calmed me down before the exam.

2) biostats - UWORLD step 1,2,3, UWORLD biostats assessment
-biostats is huge on day 1 about 20-30%
-combined with FA step 2 and step 1 notes

3) CCS
-best part of my exam probably saved me
-gold standard - Fred CCS software
-mapping CCS
-crush CCS
-UWORLD CCS - outdated software.
-didn't do the extra UWORLD cases just the UWORLD CCS software cases

-Step 3 CCS is the most straighforward part of my exam - saved me
-biostats is probably highest yield portion of exam from my experience.
-don't rely on UWORLD
-in hindsight would have not done ABFM, ABIM, MKSAP16 or UWORLD step 2 instead just focused on UWORLD step 3, USMLERx, Kaplan.

-again I am starting residency not a resident so I overdid it to prepare.

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Do people think this much prepartion is necessary. curious other peoples thoughts, this seems like a lot of material to study.