Step 3 Experience

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Aug 3, 2002
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hi.. PGY-4 neurology resident.. finally finished step 3.. passed with 226/96..

anyways... i studied briefly (couple hours per day) over the course of 3 weeks..

read boards and wards (older edition) and crush step 3.. reviewed the CCS cases on the CD a couple times.. and read some CCS stuff on wiki.. did all the questions on NMS step 3 which were much tougher than the actual test itself (averaged 57-63%).. those questions were rough.. which made step 3 much easier

not that much stats.. i think 3 questions total the entire 2 days..

i know i killed one patient on my 2nd day.. it was pt. with HUS.. that i was treating conservatively.. and i'm pretty much died.. oh well..

good luck everyone..

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