step I range for internal medicine at cwru and cleveland clinic

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Jan 20, 2004
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does anybody know where to find the step I range for meds at the university hospital at cwru and cleveland clinic? thanks.

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I know of one student who matched at Cleavland who I think had ~avg step I score, and another student who interviewed at both schools with a below the avg step I score and avg clinical grades but who came from a top 5 med school. I think that if you aim for above avg (216+), you should be fine step I-wise.
I hesitate to use "below average" with people I know, but I know 2 students that matched at the Clinic with lesser numbers. Case is a tougher match, from what I've heard. I ended up skipping both places, but I concur with kalel -- anything average or better should get you in as long as the rest of your ducks are in a row.
thanks a lot for your help, kalel and avendesora. really appreciated your input :thumbup: