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Sep 6, 2002
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Hi everyone who is doing step II prep !

Is anybody using NMS review ?? I'm finding it really hard compared to Qbank / Qbook Is that true with you all ??

I have only 9 days left, and I dont see much improvement for some reason...:oops:

KU Brendan

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Jun 11, 2002
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I have five days left, and I agree completely with you. Some of those NMS questions are completely out there and very frustrating. I stopped counting how many I was getting right and wrong because it was just becoming a defeatest study session :)

I haven't personally used Qbank, but all of my friends who did said exactly the same thing. And all my friends who have taken Step 2 already insist it's not as bad as Step 1, despite not preparing all that well for it. I sure hope they aren't lying to me...

Good luck to ya!

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